Current Topics of Regulatory Interest and Services



In 2019, USEPA published a Proposed Rule for revising the 1991 Lead and Copper Rule.  The Rule sets limits for lead and copper in drinking water, among other regulatory requirements. The Agency issued a Final Rule in December 2020, but the Biden Administration paused the effective date in order to seek further input and to review the Final Rule.  The new effective date is December 16, 2021, with compliance for most parts by October 16, 2024.  The Final Rule is complicated, but one of the straightforward requirements is the identification of all lead service lines which connect drinking water mains to buildings, about 10 million lead service lines across the U.S. in total.  New technology will be helpful for this step in the process.  (See Drinking Water on the Areas of Expertise page.)

Included in the recently announced  Infrastructure "deal" between the Biden Administration and a group of senators is $76 Billion for Water and Environmental Remediation.  This includes funds for replacing 100% of the lead pipes and service lines connected to homes, schools and daycare centers.  It also includes grants and loans for updating drinking water, wastewater and stormwater systems, and for removing certain contaminants from drinking water.

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OEHHA, the California agency that oversees Proposition 65, has added a website (like to the Prop 65 website) to help explain Prop 65 warning requirements.  It's searchable by chemical and by application.

OEHHA added molybdenum trioxide and indium tin oxide to the Prop 65 substance list.  OEHHA is proposing to list THF (tetrahydrofuran),  PFOA and PFOS.  There are over 900 substances on the Prop 65 list.

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Westlake Science & Technology is working with organizations in Northeast Ohio to demonstrate a technology for removing unwanted debris, such as plastic bags, from stormwater streams.  Contact Westlake Science & Technology for details.



BREXIT finally happened and became effective on January 1, 2021.  The UK has basically copied over most of the EU chemical management requirements.  Issues persist at the Northern Ireland-Ireland border, as well as shipping to and from the EU.  Please contact Westlake Science & Technology for further details or assistance with compliance.

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